Standard Items

From slide cases to toe and tuning cones, get product specifications for many of our stock items.

We can also craft custom tooling made by hand and to order. Have questions or an order to place? Give us a call at 800.371.8406.

Wood Pipe Feet

We will be stocking the following tenon O.D. sizes. All feet will be 6" long. All Feet have butterfly valves and are sprayed with orange shellac.

Part # Tenon O.D. Tenon I.D.
Non-stock length pipe feet may be special ordered.

Slide Cases

Our slide cases come in two sizes.

Large Case:690 Slides85 scale-128 scale
Small Case:310 Slides80 scale-128 scale


Available weights include 10, 16, 24, and 30 oz. Replacement parts are available upon request.

Toe Cones

These cones are made of polished machined brass. Each set of three has identical outside diameters with different interior angles. With these two sets, virtually any toe can be closed neatly and with ease. These are also available as a set of six. Available in 45*, 70*, and 105*.

Large set of 3:2-⅓" O.D.2-⅜" I.D.
Small set of 3:2-⅓" O.D1-¾" I.D.

Layout Discs

These discs are used to lay out pipe spacing on wind chests. They are made of machined aluminum and are provided in a set of standard scales 47 through 77, 17th halving, or Normalmensur. The discs come on a mahogany base for storage.

Tuning Cones

This is a set of two double-tuning cones. They are made of polished machined brass that has a pleasant weight to allow precise tuning of cone-tuned pipes. The two sizes allow for easy tuning of most coned pipes.

Start Your Project

After seeing the available product, specifications, and customizations we can make, phone our General Manager Joe Russo to talk more about your pipe organ project.

Joe Russo
General Manager