At A.R. Shopp’s Sons, we build all pipe organ components, including reservoirs, swell shades, windchests, casework, and wood stops, expertly made by hand. Learn more about customizations our skilled artisans can craft for you from our state-of-the-art woodshop.

Order Forms

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Concussion Bellow (Winker)

Winkers can be ordered as shock absorbers in winding systems. The bellows measure 8" x 16". The spring bars are 14" long. Supplied with a 3" thick mounting block to offset from the chest surface as needed. Feed hole diameter is 1".

Wood Boots

Wood boots can be made with doors on 32' and 16' reeds. This allows access to the shallot without lifting the pipe. We also manufacture solid wood boots and others with paper on two sides.


Reservoirs are built in two styles. Ribbed reservoirs are built with interior canvas hinges, heavy rubber cloth exterior hinges, and leather gussets. All parts of the leather gussets are skived. Floating top reservoirs are built with a single sheet of rubberized cloth connecting the moving top to the reservoir well. Floating top reservoirs have the advantage of ease of rebuilding. The floating top design is not available in the smallest two sizes. Both styles have an interior curtain valve and are available in the following sizes. Please state wind pressure when ordering.

Available Sizes

  • 14" x 19" *
  • 18" x 24" *
  • 20" x 30"
  • 24" x 36"
  • 30" x 42"
  • 36" x 48"
Custom sizes with large wells for blower reservoirs or other special features are available on special order. *Available in ribbed style only

Swell Shades

Swell shades are made from 1-½" laminated poplar. Frames are made of 1-½" solid poplar with lap joints at the corners. Vertical shades have ball bearings at the bottom and bushed bearings at the top. Horizontal shades have ball bearings at both ends. All shades are removable from both sides of the frame. Clearance between shades and frame is kept to a minimum. Gap covers can be provided which close over the shade/frame gap when absolute air tightness is required. Standard finish is black. Please provide complete details when ordering.

Swell Boxes

Swell boxes are made to customer specifications, usually of either 1” or 1-1/2” thick medium density fiberboard.

Wind Chests

All wind chests are built to customer specifications. Pitman and unit electro-pneumatic actions are available along with electric actions. All pouches and primaries are covered with tan pneumatic leather. Valves are felt-backed with gray valve leather and are provided with rack boards center spotted, primaries, and stop actions as required. Racking of pipes, bearers, and legs, muffler covers, mixture channel boards, and wiring are extra.

Pitman Chests

Our Pitman chests employ a channeled table which forms the top of the chest. Pitman rails are attached to the pouch boards, and the two are attached as a unit to the table by machine bolts engaging T-nuts in the table. Toe boards are attached to the top of the table with end blocks, rack pins, and rack boards attached to the toe board. With this arrangement, the toe board and rack board assembly may be removed from the chest for racking pipes, reducing the chance of dirt getting into the chest. Primaries can be built into the bottom board or into the side rail. A schwimmer can be built into the chest. Bass sections of straight stops can be built as a unit action to allow for pedal borrows. Large chests can be built in sections which bolt together for ease of installation. Primaries will operate up to 10 stops. Unit chests may be built as part of a Pitman chest. Our normal length for a 61-note Pitman chest is 8' 6".

Unit Chests

Unit chests are built with bottom or side actions. The toe board is the top of the chest with the pouch board attached to the toe board and tubed to the side rail on bottom action chests and to the bottom rail on side action chests. Primaries are provided as required. Unit chests can be built “tubeless” if there is ample room, please inquire

Start Your Project

After seeing the available product, specifications, and customizations we can make, phone our General Manager Joe Russo to talk more about your pipe organ project.

Joe Russo
General Manager